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Hola, this is a community I've created for fans of Callisto on the famous TV series, Xena: Warrior Princess.  I've figured that since Callisto was (and still is) such a popular character on the show, I thought, Why not?  There are already communities for fans of Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, Ares, etc.  As of my knowledge, this is the first offical community ever on LiveJournal that's based on Callisto.  Sure, there are Xena communities that have Callisto in them, but it's still just Xena.  This one IS an entire community just for the Warrior Queen.

Yes, Callisto was indeed a "bad" character, but that's what made her so likable.  I honestly think she is so awesome and ultimately kicks-ass.  I love her appearance, her character, her attitude, her figure, her voice, her personality, everything.  She is just so cool!

Anyway, this community is for anything and everything about Callisto; fanficts, art, icons, graphics, quotes, wallpaper, everything.  You may talk about other Xena characters as well, but please remember that this community mainly for Callisto.

And the rules are simple:

  • Do not promote any other community WITHOUT my permission.
  • No drama-type posts.  This isn't the place for that.
  • Stay on topic.
  • No flamming or bashing other members.
  • You must (of course) be a fan of the show Xena to become a member.
  • Decisions from the maintainer is final.

Failure to follow one or more of these rules will result in a firm oral warning after the first offense.  If you choose to proceed to break the rule(s), you will be banned without further explaination.

Thank you.  Enjoy the community.  ^.^ 

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